To be the organization of choice for educational institutes and students by pursuing excellence in software solutions, digital contents for better management and learning experience by using the latest technology.


To help educational institutes achieve their objectives by helping them effectively monitor the working of the institute, student’s performance, their employees thus improving the performance of individuals and teams through our learning solutions.


The company offers quality products and services, honesty commitments, fair pricing, and a true partnership.

Our Values

The key phrases include commitment, focus, openness, respect, courage, continuous learning, passion, and ethics.


The schooling journey has been satisfying, with trust in Schooling Smart honesty and dedication from people at every step. With a proud past as inspiration, schooling smart has a long journey ahead with miles to go. With the same passion for performance, it seems destined to achieve more in the years to come.

Customize Dashboard

Schooling Smart helps the schools, teachers, and parents to stay connected on the go. It drives collaboration between the school and parent by enabling easier and faster communication anytime, from anywhere. Schooling Smart delivers efficiency with security. The School App supports teachers with the daily school life activities and eases their workload with intelligent features, simple design and latest technology. It allows the management, teachers, and parents to access crucial data anytime, from anywhere via secured role-based access.



Wesmart App streamlines administration, streamlines processes, and improves communication with parents and students, enhancing brand value and promoting a process-oriented organization in schools.


The Wesmart app streamlines admissions by providing parents with access to crucial documents, syllabus updates, exam schedules, results, and personalized reports from teachers.


The Wesmart app enhances staff productivity, collaboration, and record keeping by automating processes, improving leave management, and allowing direct interaction with students.

Powerful Features


By using the app, teachers can assign homework to students by including videos, pictures and other materials.

Bus Tracking

Enable student safety through live bus tracking and attendance notification.

Leave Application

Parents' applications for ward leave are registered on their teacher's digital register.

Schedules & Time-Tables

Teachers have the ability to oversee and parents/students can view class schedules and daily timetables.


The app allows teachers to track student attendance in less than 60 seconds.

News, Notices, Updates, Events

Inform Parent about upcoming events, activities and send reminders.


Construct reports in sections, classes, students, or data-based form.

In-App Communication

All stakeholders, including administration, teachers and parents can communicate through in-app messenger.

Why Is The Best School App?

The school app has an inbuilt messenger and broadcasting tool while enables all the prime constituents to get in touch easily. one-stop solution for the daily hassles of teachers, parents, students, and schools that arise due to improper communication.

Highly Secured



Export Reports In Excel

Analytic Dashboards

Safety Notifications & Alerts

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Schooling Smart App

“We Smart app” The application is available for iOS and Android Smart phones

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Connecting School Campuses With Technology

The Wesmart App has developed a highly adaptable mobile application called IT, which aims to streamline the daily tasks of educators. With its e-governance ERP and top-notch mobile applications, Wesmart App offers educational institutions worldwide, including schools, colleges, and universities, a comprehensive solution to enhance their operations.
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